Qobuz price drop, Any offer from Tidal or others

I saw a Qobuz advert on price drop. Is Tidal following the trend or should I wait for Spotify to go lossless.
This is looking good for us consumers paying almost £20 per month.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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They’ve just reduced my annual Sublime to £179.99 GBP…the big boys can afford a price war and streaming service providers will drop by the wayside or be gobbled up by their larger and richer rivals. I really can’t stand the big players and only now are they moving into the
hi-res domain. I was quite happy paying £249.99 a year for Sublime knowing that at least the artists would be getting something close to acceptable revenues. Lower prices must mean less profit and less for the artist. Pisses me right off☹️


We’re all curious if Tidal will follow suit. In the current streaming market, I am not sure how they can continue to justify their costs.

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I don’t know either. Most streamers aren’t using Roon, so they will most likely go for the least expensive option which is FREE if you don’t mind the ads. The other two will fight it out for the rest of the market. I haven’t a clue how this will all pan out☹️

I understand, because I never like Apple since iTunes days. I had specially curated 1000 tracks of my own music and I lost it in-between Ipad upgrade. I remain unforgiving. So Apple will be my last option.

Currently, on Tidal at £19.99 and also Amazon HD at £7.99 (as prime member) - just to see if it is worth the marketing drive.

Previously on Qobuz Studio at £245 a year and I left because album or track keep disappearing from the catalogue.
Today, I am prepared to stay with Tidal if they shift their price point otherwise the Qobuz offer is very tempting - a saving of over £100 per year is not to be sniff at.

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I’ve been using Tidal via Plex so paid £18.99 for a while now, however, with Qobuz offering a price drop, I had to take up on the trial offer and cancel Tidal😌

Love the Tidal interface for mobile and Apple TV, however, it just doesn’t work on Apple CarPlay-atleast in my car unlike Spotify and Apple Music which are perfect.

Not sure if it’s just me, yet Apple Music high res-lossless sounds great.

Would be nice to see Apple working with Roon at some point in the future & Tidal drop their sub prices.
For now though, Qobuz will have to be my streaming service on Roon alongside Apple Music while mobile.

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