Qobuz Priority vs. TIDAL

I use both Qobuz and TIDAL (started with TIDAL and since have added Qobuz but mostly because I reached my “limit” with TIDAL). I would like an option to prioritize Qobuz over TIDAL on all searches and selections. Right now, TIDAL is prioritized so I have to go to “versions” and then drill down to select the Qobuz version to add to My Library.


I have the same request. I’d like Roon Radio to prioritize Qobuz over Tidal if the same track is available on both.

I started with Tidal and added Qobuz once their library filled out enough that most of the music I like was available. But now I have a bunch of playlists that reference the Tidal version of the songs. It would also be great if there was a feature to prioritize Qobuz in this situation as well.

An alternative would be to use my library version of songs instead of what was originally selected for the playlist. This might be preferable since if the user purchased a download, it would automatically select the local copy (assuming that was their library copy).


Many users requesting the same. What’s the status on this @support ?


+1 here too - for some reason Roon often priorities Tidal over Qobuz in my system and it’s annoying. I am constantly adding Qobuz albums to my library and never add Tidal albums and yet it just doesn’t learn.

Really need this, is an imperative.
Is a productivity feature, please @Roondev get this
sorted for us.

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This is a Basic Filter Setting that should be there in Settings menu

I was just about to open a thread with this very topic when I read this.

It would be very desirable if you could set this prioritization


+1, would also suggest option to pick default format e.g. 44/24 FLAC above 44/24 MQA or vice versa based on user’s preference (which might be bias or actual experience based on user’s system)


@danny Any chance to get this anytime soon?

+1 to this too, I’m only on a trial of Tidal but have had to disable it in Roon as it was ALWAYS prioritised over Qobuz. Wouldn’t be so much of an issue if albums added to playlists were format agnostic

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Everytime Roon Radio play Tidal, I have to stop and switch to Qobuz.
Please add in next release!!!:pray::pray:

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Simply Log out of Tidal?
How many tracks do you think Tidal has that Qobuz doesn’t now, I wonder how many searches would be affected by such a thing?

That’s essentially “unsubscribe”… Which I’ve done a few times now. I keep coming back and signing up for Tidal to “fill in a few of the cracks”…

+9 million for this. It really is a feature that should have been added as soon as Qobuz became available. Thanks - looking forward to this very much (including Radio).


I’m a recent Qobuz convert from Tidal and def +1 this feature!

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A thought… when in Settings > Services, if you could arrange the connected services in whatever order you choose, that would correlate to the search order.

Or… when in the Browse section, if you’re in a Service, it will only search in that Service. If you’re in the Home section and search, it will search all connected services.

Personally I’d prefer the first, so if you’re searching Home or Genres or whatever, it still prioritizes the results accordining to your preferred services.


I would like this feature.

I ‘add’ a lot of selected cuts of albums and I reached my 10,000 favorite limit on Tidal and could add no more.
While I have changed some tidal favs to Qobuz and I have some room, I would prefer to new albums play the Qobuz version.


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Agree 100%! I’ve asked for this feature too! We should be able to choose which service we want to prioritize over the other. I too would select Qobuz due to the limit issue on TIDAL. Right now, TIDAL seems to always be the first choice…

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+2 for this feature - I find it very annoying that Roon always defaults to Tidal when I always default to Qobuz.