Qobuz problems after 1.7 update

Did a search. Nothing specific to my problem, although it seems Qobuz is not always a happy camper. Any help, much appreciated.

Antipodes CORE
Mytek Manhattan II DAC

All working perfectly previous to 1.7.

After 1.7, Tidal, local storage & the new radio working perfectly. Not Qobuz.

Logged in and out of everything.
Deleted and Reinstalled all apps.

Backed up Roon.

Qobuz shows perfectly. Populates the Roon page with all the albums.

When pressing play, I get this:

Here’s the Roon page:

Help. Thx again

Could you update to B505 and see if that improves things? It contains some improvements for buffering tracks from Qobuz and Tidal.

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Hi @Anthony_Kershaw,

Are you able to play in Qobuz directly okay?

Does the same error occur if you play to a different endpoint?

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