QOBUZ problems in ROON Remote - keeps getting hung

I have a Nucleus and I subscribe to QOBUZ. which I call up through Roon Remote on my MacBook Air. Every day for the last week or two I have been having issues with QOBUZ tracks which just get hung when I try to load a new artist or album. Shutting down and restarting QOBUZ does not sove the problem. This morning I rebooted the Nucleus as well and that temporarily solved the problem. But now the problem has returned. It has gotten to the point that I have now just disabled QOBUZ as that does not work any longer.

Is this just me or are other having these issues with QOBUZ too? And are there any solutions please?

Thank you for any advice.

Make sure you are using your email address for Qobuz in Roon and not a username.

Also sounds like you are having networking issues. Try and give a bit more detail on your setup to help us (users and support) help you.

Thank you for the response @RBO.

I am on Verizon FIOS. There is an ethernet cable running from the Verizon router to a 5-outlet Cisco switch which then feeds ethernet connections into the Roon-ready Bartok DAC and NUCLEUS. Nucleus is v1.

The Roon Remote is my MacBook pro.

QOBUZ is working OK this morning as I re-enabled it just now. I am able to play (just an example) tracks by Ahmad Jamal. But I fear that when I search for certain performers - yesterday it was Ensemble Leones - Roon Remote will first locate the performer and then get hung trying to pull all their music up. And then the only solution will be to shut down, disconnect, restart and disable QOBUZ, as I had to do several times last night.

And yes QOBUZ is using my email address as you said should be the case.

Perhaps I will try doing some searches again tonight and see what happens.

Many thanks

Is this a managed switch?

Hi @Martin_Webster. Thanks for the response.
No it is not a managed switch. Just a basic Cisco switch.
QOBUZ has been behaving OK for the last day. Haven’t had time yet to test it with tricky searches. But will try that over the weekend.


This has happened again. It definitely seems to have something to do with obscure searches. This time it was for a composer by name of Gilles Jullien who was tagged as composer on a disc of organ music by Andre Isoir. I clicked on the underlined link for Gilles Jullien and Roon Remote just went off searching endlessly with the spinning multicolored ball on display. Finally it just crashes. All the while music continues to play so I guess it has to do with Roon Remote’s interaction with Qobuz data through Roon’s server, but that’s just my guess. I’m going to shut down, unplug and restart.

Please let me know if anyone has a better solution.

Maybe Roon/Qobuz need to address this?


Another thing to note. When I finally shut down the Nucleus and then restarted both the Nucleus and Remote, the composer Gilles Jullien I was looking for showed up right away, the result of my previous search, i.e., before the shutdown.

Thanks again

I’ve had unusual issues lately with Roon playlists and my own playlists skipping some tracks and playing others. Local files played ok.

Then yesterday Roon could not login to Qobuz while I was able to login outside of Roon.

Power cycled my NUC, modem and router but the issues continued.

Cleared cache then restarted Roon and so far all is well. That is the first and only time I’ve cleared the cache in 3 years.

You could try that and see if it helps with your situation.

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Qobuz out again… impossible to login. Stupid error message (network problem).
Qobuz work very well now with direct call from their apps (android)
Qobuz work very well now with my Yamaha musicast system.
Qobuz work now without problem with my AudioPro apps and network active speaker.

The problem is ROON nothing else!!! And this occur often.

How many devices do you have logged into Qobuz?

One in the same time during each test.

There is no problem of that type… i make a new connexion for test from yamaha musicast without problem.

One more time stop and restart the serveur resolve the problem. I’m seriously thinking to return to less functionnal system but stable.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Mike_LC. Thanks for the idea about clearing the cache. Do you know how I do that on my MacBook Pro? Or did you mean the cache of the Nucleus?

@Claude_Jonniaux Unfortunately I access Qobuz through Roon because of my DSP requirements. Do you know what my DSP options would be if I went to QOBUZ app direct instead?


I have the NUC/ROCK server setup where I deleted the ROONServer cache file.

Sorry, don’t know how that is done on Windows or Mac systems.

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