Qobuz problems today

I’m trying to listen to Qobuz, but nothing is working. Only the bookmarked albums I can listen to. For all the other things Roon is saying that I am unautorized.

Sorry everyone, I restarted everything included internet, and now I’m enjoying Qobuz music again.
A very good weekend everybody!

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Hey @FDD,

Welcome back to the community!

Thanks a whole lot for following right away with the solution you’ve found (and, naturally, for the effort you put in to find it).

Please, let us know if this returns :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rebeka,

Thanks, I tried several other things but this did the trick. In a few weeks I’ll change my system, so I hope after that everything is still working…
At this very moment everything is working fine.
And I love the new Roon 1.8!

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I am still having issues. Qobuz is incredibly slow and some sections fail outright. I tried all kinds of DNS settings, restarting, etc.

This is not reasonable to have everyone spend hours of our time troubleshooting your software issues.

At what point, should roon send a general announcement acknowledging user issues, along with a plan of action to address them?

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Hi @Ali_Shafai,

I appreciate you keeping us updated on how things unfold for you. One of our technicians has already started helping you on the thread you created. I’m hoping it’ll get sorted out soon :pray:

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