Qobuz Questions

Okay, I have a couple of questions (Okay, more than a couple):

I was on .the CEDIA2018 free trial ride for a while. When that expired, I was asked to apply to be included in the US beta thing and was subsequently waitlisted.

Now that this Roon/Qobuz integration has already happened (yay!), what does that do for the Qobuz “waitlist” status?

When I went to the Qobuz site a few minutes ago, the site did two seemingly incompatible things : It told me that the beta program was closed and I should come back later to attempt registering, At the same time, it was also offering me the opportunity to “start a free trial,”, which i found confusing.

At any rate, I did not attempt starting the free trial, because my account is still associated with the UK by default, and Qobuz is not allowing me to change that status for some reason. I do not want to get locked into some confusion by misidentifying my location as the UK, so I feel I need to wait to get that sorted before trying any subscriptions.

One more issue : Why does the Qobuz “Studio” streaming plan not include a “download” option? Is the absence of that option the only feature that distinguishes it from the “Sublime” plan?

Finally, why does QOBUZ not seem to have a 12-month payment option for the “Sublime” plan? Can one opt for that Sublime option manually?

Be that as it may, I hate the idea of being mis-categorized as a UK resident, and that of being quoted all charges in Euros as a result, instead of dollars

If anyone has any thoughts about how to change my “waitlist” status, and my default UK resident classification, please share them, they will be really appreciated. Thanks.

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You just don’t get the discounts you get with a Sublime subscription. But you can always buy albums, no matter which one you choose

I’m wondering of the Sublime subscription is worth it?

It certainly has been for me. I was a Sublime subscriber for years and upgraded to Sublime+ (and bought Roon) when Qobuz/Roon integration was available.

It’s a $50 per year difference on the annual plan. I guess I need to calculate how many downloads I may purchase in a year. I would imagine if I purchase more than 5 download albums, it makes the Sublime membership worth it.

Also if you’re paying for the Studio plan on a monthly basis (in 12 monthly installnents), then you will wind up paying exactly the same as you would for the sublime + plan over the 12 months, That is what made me decide to go for the sublime + plan.

I have a question though, about the downloads and discounts that one is supposed to get with the sublime + plan… Just how does one access those downloads (whether discounted or not?) . Can they be accessed through Roon, or should one use the Desktop Qobuz app for those?

You download them and checkout via the Download Store tab on the Qubuz website. Once downloaded, they’re files on your computer that you can do whatever you want with ie., put them in the right directory and they will be imported in to Roon.

Qobuz allows you to upgrade your subscription and they will automatically charge you the pro-rated amount so I will just upgrade to Sublime when/if I’m ready to do a downloads purchase.


One other thing, Qobuz allows you to download a recording in multiple formats.

So typically I’ll download an album in high resolution for the media player, add “Qobuz 24/192” to the album title, and then download it again in 16/44.1 for use on my phone. The reason for adding the text to the high resolution version is to prevent both versions ending up in the same folder.

Got it! Thanks.