Qobuz releases are not listed as "Artist Highlights" in Genre View

When I navigate into Genres I found out that Qobuz releases which are not in my local library are not listed as Artist Highlights (see screenshot below). The AC/DC album is the only one which is a Qobuz album (streaming only). The rest is stored in my local library.

@support: Is this on purpose ?

Hi @papa.jay,

If you navigate to the AC/DC artist in your library does it have the Hard-Rock genre applied to the artist?

hi @dylan,

No, the AC/DC artist has no genre applied. I checked various other artists and can confirm that if I only have Qobuz-albums of an artist in my library, there are no genre tags applied to that specific artist. Whenever an artist has both Qobuz and local library albums, the genre tags of the local library are applied but the Qobuz-album-related genres are not.

FYI: I am using the “use genres from file tags” setting in my setup. I am adding genres manually to Qobuz albums after adding them to my library.

In case you need anything else please let me know.

Hi @papa.jay — Thanks for the info!

If you were to use Roon genre tags, there would be tags automatically applied to the Qobuz Album which would also be applied to the Artist that is added to your library. With your current import settings, since no genres are applied to these Albums, no genre is being applied to the Artist when it’s added.

Manually adding genres does not automatically apply that genre to the Artist, which is why the Artists in your library do not have any genre tags. These genres would need to be manually added to the Artists too.

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Thanks for explaining and pointing in the the right direction.