Qobuz/Roon integration... wishes

would really be great if we could:

  • visualise Playlist by Album too (not just by Track)
  • manage Qobuz Playlist (my own playlists on Qobuz): create, modify, add/remove “stuff”
  • batch edit Qobuz Favourites (Qobuz/My Qobuz/ Favourite Albums): tag, remove etc (not just, as at the moment, only “add to library” or “add to a playlist” which, see above, can only be a local one)
  • change the “Add To Library” button (Qobuz/My Qobuz/ Favourite Albums) to something less confusing as… those already are automagically added by Roon to library. A “Remove from Favourites” button would be ideal :wink:
  • optionally “Keep in local playlist” tracks from a Qobuz album one wants to remove from his library (eg: I only like a couple of tracks and I’m not interested in keeping the whole album)
  • read Qobuz’ “albums commentaries” in Roon, not just PDFs

then… dreaming, I know… best feature in the known universe would be…

  • let users decide what they want automagically added, by Roon, to their libraries


+1 these two items mirror my own feature request last week regarding Tidal/Qobuz!

I always try and search first to see if someone has already requested whatever I’m wishing Roon had or did. All too often I find I’m a bit disheartened to find that not only one person but numerous people have requested seemingly very basic usability issues and that appears to fall on Roon management deaf ears.

Sometimes I regret my lifetime purchase…I should stop with the expectation of change…music sounds good thankfully.

  • use Qobuz own search when in the Qobuz tab, because it is often more useful than Roons search.

There is only one search in Roon. When you’re on the Qobuz tab, it’s the same search.

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That is what I am complaining about. I often find myself going to Qobuz own app to do a search as it will produce results more in line with my expectations than Roon. It seems reasonable to me to ask that if you do a search in the Qobuz tab of Roon, Roon passes that search to Qobuz.