Qobuz search and speed

I like that qobuz is 15 quid now.

But. How do people find the way its presented over tidal? When I load it, it shows ‘latest albums’ but below it says grand selection and if these are the latest albums then qobuz is only adding like one album a month.

I find the presentation totally inferior to tidal.

Secondly doing searches with qobuz enabled on roon makes it about 15 times slower than before. I am not exaggerating, I have all but given up doing searches and sometimes selecting albums on qobuz results in a loooong loading screen before it shows up. I have an excellent network speed and roon runs on a beast of a server. Instant with tidal.

On the upside the sound is devine, so these frustrations are more so because I don’t want to return to tidal. But finding new music in tidal was so much a nicer experience than Qobuz, which for instance is showing me ‘cream remastered’ apparently from November last year as a latest album.

Its genre list as well is pretty poor with only 10 choices (and in french on the IOS app lol)

My final gripe is search is pretty poor. I downloaded an app by Fedele on the Quboz app on my phone. And I played the whole album. No evidence of this appears in quboz on roon and furthermore a search for fedele on roon does not turn up this artist and the only way to get to it was to type in the full name of the album.

So anyway. Would be better if it was better is all I am saying.