Qobuz search much slower than local and/or Tidal? (Linux Core reboot has resolved, for now)

I’ve searched and found many threads on general search issues that appear to be mostly related to 1.6 or individual network issues.

I have a slightly different story, and I don’t think it’s appropriate as a support ticket as nothing has changed that is under my control except for adding Qobuz to Roon.

I’ve used Roon and Tidal happily for over 2 years. Yes, I experienced the slowdowns that everyone did when 1.6 cloud changes rolled out and I experienced the improvement as well - along with the bumps along the way.

3 days ago, with no other changes to my Core or internal network, I added Qobuz to Roon. Search performance is now worse than I ever recall. Mostly once a track or album is found, playback starts very quickly and plays normally until I stop it or search and play something else.

If I disable or logout of Qobuz (either option produces the same result) search performance is restored to normal.

Is Qobuz slower for others? Has the recent price drop increased load on Roon cloud servers specific to supporting Qobuz? Other theories?

I’m in the USA


I use Qobuz. I don’t feel my searches are any worse than before, when I used Tidal. Search for “George Frederick Handel”, I see results in about 1-2 seconds, including Qobuz albums in and out of my library.

12 seconds for me for the same search, I’ve experience much longer recently. I’ll be patient, I expect it will improve with time

I can say it’s not always consistent. Mostly it’s fast, other times less so. I don’t know if it’s network performance or something else.

I subscribe to both Qobuz and TIDAL, and use them over Roon mostly (obviously).

I find Qobuz streaming startup (ie the time it takes for a track to start streaming) somewhat slower than TIDAL, certainly slower than local.

As for search itself, I have not noticed that much of a difference, but to be honest, I tend to search for stuff in their native apps and favorite the content I find.

Thanks Miguel,

I’ve not used the native apps, yet, all of my experience with Qobuz (and nearly all with Tidal) is via Roon

I wonder if my db is still downloading metadata for Qobuz. It’s only been a few 24 hour cycles. I don’t know what all is downloaded but I do see periods where some handfuls of megabytes will be pulled down by my music server over night.

I wonder if my typical searches are not typical for Qobuz, lots of folk, indie, punk, etc. For example, searching for Devo results in 12 seconds just to display my local and Tidal albums, and an additional ~30 for Qobuz to return it’s results. Without Qobuz connected, I get local and Tidal results nearly instantly.

Update: rebooting my Core has helped a bunch. It’s only been up for about a week but not rebooted since adding Qobuz. Appears to be a local issue with my slow searches when Core has been up for some time. I often go many weeks between restarts, perhaps I should restart more often. I’m running on Linux.

I have noticed similar behaviour when addidng Qobuz
I had a Qobuz account, but no longer a subscription, so i could still search in the Qobuz discography
However, when both tidal and qobuz where active, searches were much slower.
I now signed out of qobuz and now onl Tidal is active and searche are faster.

the slowness was not apparent the whole time, it seemed to be from time to time but at these timeslots, disabling qobuz fastened the whole search experience drasticly…

It used to be that searching TIDAL via Roon was a suboptimal experience and thus I got used to using the native app for search, favorite, then see it in Roon. I’ve largely kept the same workflow now that I subscribe to Qobuz as well (subscribe to both). But I did notice Roon-based search has improved.