Qobuz search not found in Roon

I have just signed up for Roon and have found that Roon does not find tracks that I can search for in Qobuz.
Why is this? Is there a technical delay on new releases.

I am trying right now to search for nick cave’s new release “la panthere des neiges”.
I can only play it in Qobuz. Very disappointing.

Hello and welcome to the community.
Roon is limited in how it receives data. Once a new release is released the labels hand it off to Qobuz and Tidal. The services then populate their libraries for users. Roon is a user in this regard. Roon then needs to get the information from the services to populate within Roon directly.
This has a bit of a delay of 24-48 hours pretty much.

That is my understanding at least.

Thanks Paul,
That’s a pretty big delay to access new releases If you ask me, considering the price. I expected not to have to use the Qobuz app at all now that I have signed up for Roon.

Welcome, it usually isn’t nearly that long. But some things take a while.
I don’t go back very often.
You have to decide if the cost is worth it for yourself.
Enjoy whichever you choose.