Qobuz search returns too many albums

I think there is an issue with the way search is implemented.

I’ve been looking for an album from Vincent d’Indy played by Rumon Gamba.
Here is my search string: “d’indy gamba”.

Here are the results:

  • Qobuz Desktop and Audirvana : 11 albums
  • Roon: many more

It looks like Roon is performing an OR instead of an AND, which is a nuisance because I cannot narrow down my search using additional keywords.

Another example: “richter debussy barque” should return the following track at the top of the list:

  1. No.3 Une barque sur l’océan, Richter Piano recital 1994

which is what Qobuz Desktop does. With Roon, it comes n°3 and the top two are irrelevant (and so is most of the list).

The Roon Qobuz search engine is a long way off the Qobuz one and with classical I often find myself searching on the Qobuz desktop or iOS app and using another search in Roon. I was searching Archangelo Corelli over the weekend and Roon was useless. I got there in the end. Let’s hope it improves over time, plus some of the track info.

Une barque sur l’océan was written by Ravel, not Debussy, could this contribute to your search problem?

Oh my god indeed you are right!

Nonetheless, “ravel richter barque”:

  • Qobuz Desktop: 4 tracks, all of them relevant
  • Roon: ~40 tracks, 3 relevant scattered amongst the 4

I cannot make head nor tail of roon search either.

Personally I think that implicit in a search term with 3 keywords is not only an “AND” but also do I have a Richter Barque in my local library or not? For sure I am interested in Qobuz alternatives but I want to know what is in my local library first. Surely that is the point of roon/Qobuz integration? Of course I didn’t realise this would be an issue until I got a Qobuz subscription. Very annoying.

Working this out in roon can be quite a slog. When I do a search on “ravel richter barque” what comes top is a Richter compilation from Qobuz with the complete Mirroirs (not a stand alone Barque). So it is sort of relevant but this is followed by 50 Qobuz albums and 50 Qobuz tracks. Not only are these sorted in no particular order (e.g. stand alone Barques, Mirroirs, piano, orchestrated, performer) but nothing from my library shows up and yet I know I have a lot of Ravel and quite a few Mirroirs.

Initially I thought maybe roon is doing that because I just don’t have a Richter Barque (and I cannot be sure TBH). But I tried the same search with a Thibaudet Barque which I know for certain I have and I get the same result of 50 Qobuz albums and 50 Qobuz tracks and not a single one from my own library.

I don’t really follow this logic at all. It ends up becoming quite a detective story trying to work out what Barques I have in my local library and whether any of them are Richter. I am still not sure whether I have a Richter Barque or not as most of my box sets are still a mess but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was one there.

Hi @Ub_Ibase,

Generally speaking, the results that you see in Roon aren’t going to exactly match what you see from a search in Qobuz. With that said, the goal is that the most relevant search results should appear first. In the second example you’ve provided, I can see that the first two search results aren’t as relevant as the third result you were looking for.

I’ve passed this report along to our technical team so they can take a closer look at this. We are always working to make sure that our search results are as good as they can be and we appreciate the feedback here.

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