Qobuz service not working on one of my three Roon Servers

Roon Core

Rockna Wavedream Net Server ( Red hat Linux )

Networking Gear & Setup Details

100mb fibre connected to Unifi Dream machine pro. Wavedream Server connects directly to Unifi Router ( Dream machine Pro ).

Connected Audio Devices

Wavedream Net Server then connects directly to Rockna Wavedream DAC via I2S.

Library Size

Only using Tidal and Qobuz.

Description of Issue

Tidal works perfectly. I can browse Qobuz but I can’t play anything. Get the errors : ’ This track is currently not available from Qobuz’ and then ‘Too many failures. Stopping playback’.
I have two other Roon Cores on the same network:

  • Windows 10 64bit Server runing Roon. Qobuz works perfectly.
  • Antipodes S40 Server. Qobuz works perfectly.
    I can also play anything succesfully through the Qobuz interface.
    My Qobuz account is a US account.
    This third server is the newest one and the other two have been running for a few months without problems.
    I have two Roon accounts and this problem occurs with both on the Wavedream,Server ( Redhat Linux ).
    I have ‘cleared the cache’ using the Roon interface and I have obviously tried to restart and reboot without success.

All Roon Servers/Cores are on the latest version.

Hello @Craig_Reichman,

Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting us know of the issue you ran into. We’re sorry :sweat: .

Through the same audio setup, if you stream music from Qobuz, does it work well?

Just as a test, could you temporarily navigate to Setting → Services → Qobuz and lower the streaming quality. Do you still see these errors?

Thanks in advance :pray:

HI Rebeka,

I have the exact same problem regardless of the streaming quality I select.

I am unable to test Qobuz direct on this device as I only have access to Roon Server itself.

The manufacture added a ‘Roon diagnostic’ feature whereby I could dump the log from Roon Server.

Where can I send/upload the log for you to look at?


Half my Qobuz favs disappeared again…same problem a few weeks back. Tracks and albums not available etc. Pain but seems to rectify in due course. Just rattling Qobuz cage again.