Qobuz Spain: New prices and family pack

Today I have received an e-mail from Qobuz announcing the new prices, for Spain at least, and the new Family Pack.

Qobuz Studio is now Qobuz Studio Premier and the price drops from 24,99 €/month to 19,99 €/month and/or 249,99 €/year to 179,99 €/year. HD Streaming.

Studio Sublimes also drops its price.

There is also a Studio Premier Family at 34,99 €/month or 349,99 €/year. For 6 members.

You can renew your subscription and get a refund for you unused annual plan too.

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same here in Italy (and on Qobuz France)
I guess it’s happening everywhere (at least here in EU) :wink:


Yep, I’m in Italy and Qobuz have just emailed me with the new prices. Great! The best value in the world of music and an indispensable part of my life.

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Too bad not available in Canada. :canada: :frowning:

Same here in Germany.

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Not yet in Belgium.
Or to be precise, I have not yet received such an email by Qobuz


I’m in Belgium and I have received the mail.

A bit bummed because I subscribed for a year just last month … oh well.

You will get a pro rata refund on your current subscription if you take up the new offer.

… after January 26, not right now
or will happen automagically on your next renewal
(it’s in the email you should have received yesterday) :wink: )