Qobuz streaming fails in Roon

Core Machine
Mac Mini i7 quad core 16GB late 2012 ext lineair PS Catalina 10.15

Network Details
Ethernet direct from Netgear switch connected to starlink avg download 100/200Mbit/s

Audio Devices
Marantz HD-DAC1, connect via USB.

Library Size

30600 tracks 2TB on two thunderbolt SSD samsung drives

Description of Issue
Qobuz fails to stream in Roon no track will play. My account is active, Qobuz native app works fine and Audirvāna with Qobuz works fine. I have read all the community messages on this. It has to be a Roon problem. Please help. I am evaluating Roon and have twelve days left. This needs to be resolved or its a no go.


Hello @Jim_Reinsma and welcome to the Roon community :wave:

I am so sorry that instead of enjoying Roon during your free trial, you’re having to troubleshoot issues with Qobuz. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

Could you please navigate to Settings → Services, click on Edit next to Qobuz and on the pop up window, lower the streaming quality and play a few tracks. Does it work?

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Hi Rebeka,

It states “No stream formats available” I assume that is a problem. I subscribed to Qobuz on an annual plan and its working everywhere else including Audirvāna.



I decided to logout of Qobuz on ROON and re-login. After this the stream formats became available. It now streams in all formats including the highest.
Thanks for making me look there.

All good now



That’s fantastic to hear, @Jim_Reinsma. Thanks a whole lot for not giving up and for continuing to look for solutions until you found it :partying_face:

I appreciate you sharing :nerd_face: