Qobuz Streaming Issues

I am having the same problem with Qobuz and Roon. What steps do I need to take to address.

Hi @Kenneth_Brown,

I have split up your post from the previous thread as to better assist you here. Can you please provide some more information as to your setup here? Specifically:

  • What is the Core platform that Roon is hosted on (Windows/OSX/Linux)?
  • What is your networking setup like? Please list the model manufacturer of your router, any switches, range extenders, powerline adapters, ect.
  • What is your endpoint that you are trying to play back to?
  • Does this same issue occur for both Qobuz and Local content or is just one affected and not the other?
  • Are you able to play back tracks on the Qobuz web player (https://play.qobuz.com) without any issues? Please try playing a track all the way until the very end and not just a snippet.

As soon as I have this information, we can proceed with troubleshooting, so do let me know at your earliest convenience.


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