Qobuz streaming library question

I suspect this might be a stupid unanswerable question but just maybe someone has asked Qobuz this already or perhaps there is a Qobuz employee or other industry insider here so here goes…

Are the albums available for purchase on the Qobuz download store any indication of what is available to stream? From a technology point of view it certainly might be (if the files are stored on the Qobuz servers to fulfill a purchase then they clearly could be streamed) but I understand that there might be overriding commercial issues regarding whether streaming rights have been negotiated for all tracks even though they do physically reside on the servers.

Like I say, unless someone already knows the answer then I am sure no one is going to spend the next century drawing up a matrix of on-download-store vs streamable but just maybe someone has some insight from behind the scenes.

By the way, my permanent residence is in a Qobuz sales area but I am currently travelling so can’t sign up for a trial right now, plus I would prefer to do that while I have access to my main audiophile system, hence not trying to at least somewhat determine the answer for myself.

If I do sign up I think I’m going to go for the Sublime+ service, at least initially, because I have a backlog of stuff that I’d like to buy and it would be cool to get discounted 24/96k stuff cheaper than regular 16/44.1k versions.

The U.K. pricing doesn’t seem to have caught up with the US offer pricing yet. They’re still negotiating streaming prices I suppose. Or am I somehow not seeing stuff because I’m not in the U.K. (but I am to the best of my knowledge accessing the U.K. version of the Qobuz site)?

If you peruse the forum you’ll see some stuff is downloadable but not streamable.

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I’ve been a very satisfied Qobuz Sublime+ subscriber for a couple of years or so. By and large albums available to buy are available to stream. I come across the odd one where you can only stream a single track, or a low res version, but in the context of the ridiculously huge high quality streaming catalogue these restrictions are negligible. You have whole record labels available - Deutsch Gramofon, Sony, Warner, ECM, often available in higher than cd quality. The American pricing is absurd - you are very lucky. Unless you are really tight for money go for it without delay!