Qobuz streaming metadata for Qobuz downloads?

I buy Qobuz downloads for some albums (I have Sublime+) for offline listening on my DAP. However, sometimes those albums have less good metadata – or even no metadata – than what Qobuz provides to the streamed version of the album. Would Roon and Qobuz be amenable to having the best metadata from Qobuz be added to those purchased downloads?

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A possible workaround (caveat, I haven’t actually tried this for myself) might be the following…

Given that you are probably copying albums from your Roon storage across to your DAP for offline listening, you could try using the Roon function to Export the albums instead. Export will add basic metadata from Roon’s database into the tracks as file metadata, which presumably will them be used by the DAP.

Thanks, I should explore that. And Qobuz should probably embed more metadata on purchased tracks than they currently do, too…

What format are you downloading the files in?

I use Flac and find the Metadata sufficient in terms of the core info. Certainly good enough for use on my phone.

If you are using WAV then I believe there is limited metadata because there isn’t really an agreed standard for these files.

Qobuz FLAC embedded metadata is enough for the DAP. However, I use those purchases also on my Roon setup, and somehow Roon fails to identify them.

This is odd. Roon should certainly be able to identify Qobuz releases, purchased or streamed. After all, they will be getting the data dumps of the Qobuz catalogue direct from Qobuz on a regular basis.

I have found, on occasion, that Roon fails to identify some Qobuz purchased releases automatically, but doing a manual identification with Roon subsequently has always matched up the album for me.

If you’ve got examples of albums that cannot be identified either automatically or manually in Roon, you might want to name them (post in the Metadata Issues category of the forum) for Roon Labs to investigate further. Thanks.