Qobuz streaming quirk

When doing casual listing on a Bluesound product I get skipping with Qobuz songs at the highest bit rate, 24/124. When I select the same song on Tidal MQA no issue. This can happen when nothing else is active on my network. When I confirm the signal strength it is solid.

It is intermittent meaning it is an issue sometimes with some songs but not all the time with all songs.

Have other’s noticed this or is it just a localized glitch for me.

Luving Roon, Qobuz and Tidal.

Having issues setting up iHeart though, it does not recognize my login. Can set up on other devices easily. It is the “free” version of iHeart.

So you are using WiFi? If you are, check to see how it behaves using Ethernet.

Appreciate the reply.

Yes using WiFi. However Ethernet isn’t practical in our set up. Bluesound stuff is scatter all around.

It may be as simple as the specific LP on Qobuz is glitchy. Other files work fine but I am going to seek out other Qobuz 24/196 files and see if those also present the issue.

In the US Qobuz is still beta. Yes I like it and yes I use both Qobuz and Tidal.

For what it is worth, I use Devolo Magic 2 units to provide Ethernet connectivity to devices all over my house and a WiFi mesh, running over the house electrical system. Very fast, very reliable. Getting over 1 gig transfer speeds from Roon switch to my HiFi rack (Ropiee /HiFiBerry) and 350Mbit/s to my TV. way faster than WiFi and very robust and reliable.

I even get 90 Mbit/s to my workshop, a building 60 feet away from the house on a separate spur with it’s own Consumer unit.

Quality HomePlugs can be a very viable option for those that cannot run Ethernet cable.

Unless you have a sensitive phono stage and then they cause all sorts of interference.

Well horses for courses, but I don’t have such problems, and who knows, the Magic 2 uses different technology and they may not or may exhibit such problems. I don’t know, things move on… and sometimes they don’t!

Thank you.

Can you share more specific info. Perhsps a link showing the whole house tie to electric. I have only casually looked at it and did not feel confident I could implement. Your post is making me re consider.

Well it could not be simpler, buy them, plug them in and they work! You have to start with at least 2 units (a starter kit), one connects to an Ethernet port on the Router and you plug it into the mains where the Router is powered, and plug the Router power into the units pass through power port. The other(s) you plug into the mains wherever you want them. In a simple home LAN, that is it, they work. You can have just a simple LAN unit, or also one that contains a WiFi extender. If you have multiple WiFi units, then you can have a WiFi Mesh network as well. https://www.devolo.co.uk/magic-2-wifi

One caveat is to manage expectations of throughput, at best expect to get half the ‘rated’ speed, and if the house wiring is poor, then maybe only 15-20% of rated throughput. The Magic 2 is ‘rated’ at 2400Mbit/s, so if you only get 10% of that it is still 240 Mbit/s - way over minimum speeds for streaming. So go for the fastest units, do not be tempted to save cash (although I previously did have the Devolo 1200 Mbit/s devices and they were OK for music and TV streaming, and fast file transfers).


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