Qobuz Subscribers

Well known to everyone in the world (I asked each person individually), Qobuz gives subscribers several free music downloads.

In the event, I neglected to poll you, and that is of interest, you may wish to check it out.


Where can these free music downloads be found?

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Thank you!

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More than welcome.

Well known to everyone in the world bar 1 (Me)

Many thanks Dr A

We all receive so much email because we bought this, signed up for that, or responded to the wife of the Minister of the Interior to deposit her funds.

Thus, I receive Qobuz email regularly. I had not read it, but then I saw the magical word…that which creates hope, inspiration and optimism in mankind…“Free”

So glad that we now can enjoy free stuff. $8-10 for a tab of oxy always seemed so overpriced. Might be off topic.