Qobuz Survey Question

Anyone take the Qobuz survey? Judging from their questions, it looks like they’re developing an online service like JRiver’s Cloudplay. If you take a picture of a CD in your library, it will be added to a playlist for you to access through Qobuz. So you can replace your physical library with files from Qobuz. I mean, you can do that now anyway, but I think they’re trying to make it more obvious. They’re also talking about adding video to their app. No mention of Roon in the survey.

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I took the survey today. It was good to provide direct feedback. One of my biggest gripes of suggestions based on play history was on there, so that’s cool. Many of the options I had no interest in.

I didn’t know how to respond to some since I rarely use the Qobuz app. I did make it clear in the responses that I was a Roon user and maybe they could improve some things for Roon like volume normalization.