Qobuz + TIDAL. Am I nuts?

I got really excited for about a week and a half, when an album showed up from an artist I care about in Qobuz, a new mini-album/EP, and was not available in Tidal. I thought a-ha! Now I see there’s content I need Qobuz for that Tidal doesn’t offer! A good reason to keep both! And then of course after a week and a half I now see it on Tidal under “versions” as well.

So far I’ve yet to find a track on Qobuz I can’t find on Tidal, but I find a great many on Tidal I can’t find on Qobuz. There is one album that Tidal has a mangled version of, where the second half of the albums tracks are actually tracks from some other completely different album in a different genre, and it’s not mangled on Qobuz. I reported it to Tidal but it’s still broken for now. But other than that, Qobuz just seems like a subset of Tidal for the same money, and arguably equally terrible playlists, and zero discovery features.

I really hoped “Beta” meant “we’re bringing the good stuff in increments.” So far it seems like it really means “Waiting to secure funding to finish the product.”


So I have finally done it. I started an experiment to see what albums were not available on Qobuz that were on Tidal. I changed every album to Qobuz that I could and kept track of the ones that were missing. Took a while but I found about 10 albums, none of which were a deal breaker as they were 16/44.1 releases and I either have a local ripped version or the actual CD of that I can use it. The biggest album missing was Oasis, and Nina Simone. Oasis had the greatest hits available and Nina I just pulled a different album that had the songs I wanted. The only reason to keep Tidal was the Android app, with streaming at work and with Android Auto. Tidal became unusable in the car so I’m probably switching to Spotify or Amazon or Google Play for that.

I’m in on both, and I love it. I think Qobuz offers a lot more high resolution CDs than Tidal and my DAC goes to 384kbps so why not listen to them.

I’d also add the Naxos Music Library if that were integrated with Roon.

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This matches my experience. Qobuz playlists might be getting better or I am exploring them more. I want to like Qobuz more but not convinced yet.

I just realized Qobuz (USA) is missing an essential track!

Better seen with the Youtube video:

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I am canceling Qobuz and staying with Tidal + Spotify (plus SoundCloud and MixCould).

Qobuz did not add enough for me to switch (and lose playlists and playcounts in Roon) and not enough to run both.

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I have both. The only reason I like Quboz apart from the usual optionality explained above within the context of streaming. I also like downloading content that I like in HI Res (have the sublime subscription ) I find downloaded off my server to my device or done locally on your network is sometimes preferable.to streaming including MQA encoding (for example p during travel where is no Mobile network for your “DAP”) / also some of my devices (system setup for either a HiFi setup in the bedroom or headphone(s) gear inclusive of a DACs sounds better with Quboz. This may be all sound psychosomatic and it probably is !!

I’m back with Tidal again. Probably have canceled each 3 times now. Last time I switched to Qobuz was because Tidal was carrying only MQA for some new releases. After a month with Qobuz I started to miss all the albums that Tidal has to offer.

I think sound quality between hires and MQA ends up being minor compared not being able to listen to certain albums at all. Whenever possible I use the cd version but in end doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. My current dac does an excellent job so everything sounds great anyway.


The major points in favour of Qobuz for me are as follows-

  1. Qobuz has way more releases in Hi-Res because Tidal only has titles that are available in MQA and these are limited to 96/24 without an MQA equipped DAC

  2. Why would anyone want an MQA version when they can have the native Hi-Res file (up to 192/24) streamed from Qobuz?

  3. Tidal’s presentation of genres such as classical and jazz is ridiculously poor. They show no understanding of or interest in these genres unlike the enthusiasm and care shown by Qobuz.


Studio de blurring and authenticity of the file are two good points to start on…

For media service subscriptions, every individual purchase is easy enough to justify. The trouble is, when you add them all together (starting with the cable subscription), the total may approach what you paid back in the day for rent.

Not “nuts” at all. I have both subscriptions and thus access to all the beautiful music one can hope to find. Far cheaper than purchasing a couple of specious “high resolution” monthly downloads.


I wish I could bring myself to pay for both services but should be unnecessary. Qobuz just needs to expand their library a little faster and I’d be good. Otherwise I feel like I’m paying an extra $20 a month to have Tidal fill in the missing gaps. But right now with just Tidal, I feel like I’m missing out on improved sound quality. Trade offs either way if only select one.

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I still have both Tidal and Qobuz and can’t bring myself to drop one or the other. I did drop Spotify and have a free subscription to Apple Music (from Verizon) that I never use.

I have 673 albums in my library (about 300 are duplicated) which includes the highest resolution version of each album from both Tidal and Qobuz. I don’t have many albums that are not available in both (about 70). While many are the same resolution in both, Tidal has the highest resolution for 17 albums and Qobuz has the highest resolution for 70 albums.

Based on this, I’m not sure how much longer I can justify keeping both Tidal and Qobuz. If I had to choose today, I would keep Qobuz and drop Tidal. However, there are some songs that I really prefer the MQA punch and bass emphasis, at least to my ears.

What the heck, I may just keep both.

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What the heck, YOLO, live the life!

I took Tidal when I first got Roon. When Qobuz became available in Roon I took an annual subscription thinking I would drop Tidal. When I looked at how many albums I had in Tidal I decided to wait to see if I continued to use it. Now I find that some of the titles I want are only available in Tidal so I keep both. I wish Tidal would take the annual model like Qoboz so I don’t see the charge each month. But I am keeping both for as long as I can.

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I’ve dropped Qobuz as only a handful of albums were not on Tidal. Cancelled 3x subs to Apple Music, as our free usage on EE has come to an end. I’ve bought an Allo USBridge Sig and loaded Ropieee XL. This has enabled me to use Spotify again. Bought a Spotify Family sub for £14.99 per month. I’m saving £420 a year! To be honest, running Spotify through the USBridge Sig/Shanti>>ISO Regen/LPS 1.2 combo I’m struggling to find a massive difference to Roon/Tidal.

“Me too” as far as far as the OP remark goes.

I still keep Tidal as I am not yet sure about MQA (either way) but use Qobuz much more due to:

  1. Ability to quickly filter new releases in my genres (classical)
  2. Availability of PDF booklets in Roon
  3. Discounted purchases

Most likely will switch to the top Qobuz offering soon and discard Tidal

I have both as well and also prefer Qobuz but I’m in Europe, I hear the catalog is different (less) in the US.
I have the annual subscription with big discounts for purchases really like that offering.
Not interested in MQA so Tidal doesn’t really offer an extra advantage to me, thinking of dropping it.

Well I must be a cheapskate, because there’s no way I’m paying for two subs at the same time! That said, I’m giving Qobuz another free trial to see how it compares, and so far, it’s better than it used to be. I have found a few gaps in the catalogue that are available in Tidal, but I find that you have to be careful to make sure that you haven’t missed some material due to their shoddy curation. For example, an artist sometimes has two separate entries, with their catalogue split between them, and if you miss this, you might think that some of the material is missing.
Regarding cheap downloads on Qobuz, they really seem to have hiked their prices recently, and along with poor customer service experience and erratic metadata on downloads, I would hesitate to recommend them.