Qobuz, Tidal and preferences (how to get my existing playlists to switchover to Qobuz)

I’ve traditionally used Tidal but am now looking at Qobuz. The sound does seem better, I have to say.

While I can set Qobuz as the preferred service in the latest build, this doesn’t seem to affect albums already in my library - only the Tidal version is in the library, I have to add the Qobuz version for Roon to prefer it.

And it’s not clear to me how to get my existing playlists to switchover to Qobuz.

Would be great if this could be added.


It specifically doesn’t include items in your library.
If you want to switch your own playlists over use a service like Soundiiz. Export the playlist then soundiiz will import it and convert to other streaming services.

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Use Soundiz to export your Tidal linked albums to link those same albums in Qobuz.

Thanks for this.

I’ve used Soundiiz to convert my albums - not quite sure how to do it wth my Roon (not Tidal) playlists (or even how to get to different versions of a track)

Separately I’ve noticed the Qobuz version has a separate play count to Tidal etc

I think in an ideal world the albums and tracks would be platform agnostic.

So, if you had an album in your collection, for example, it would play either the Tidal version or the Qobuz version (or local version) depending on your preferences at the time - and whether or not the other versions were formally in your library.

And the same with individual tracks.

Equally the play count would be aggregated across versions.

Anyway, just a thought - there would no doubt be some complexities in practice.


You can export your playlist out of Roon to a CSV file. Then, use Soundiz to import the playlist and export it to Tidal and/or Qobuz. Any playlist you have in Tidal and Qobuz will soon appear in Roon also. I have three copies of all my playlist in Roon including a local version, Tidal version, and Qobuz version. Note: my local versions are all links to Qobuz files because I have no local music files.

Your Tidal albums and Qobuz albums may contain a different number of albums in Roon because some may not be present in one or the other services.

Thanks, Jim. Much appreciated


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