Qobuz/TIDAL loading slowly message

Hi. I am having the same issue. ‘Qobuz is loading slowly’. Same happens with Tidal. It is intermittent. I have a new Roon Nucleus, updated with newest build. Xfinity gigabit internet, IPad Pro with most recent IOS, and playing to a Chord Hugo 2 streaming with the Chord 2Go which is attached to the Hugo 2. Thank You.

Hi @Bradford_Paul,

I’ve split your post into it’s own thread to better assist you here.

Can you please confirm if this issue occurs across multiple zones or are only the Chord zones affected by this?

Does local library media still work as expected when you have the TIDAL/Qobuz issue?

Only the chord zones are effected by this.

I do not have any local libraries. I only stream.

Hi @Bradford_Paul,

What is your internet download/upload speed according to speedtest.net?

If you try to download a few tracks and save them to your local library, do those play as expected? You can find some sample media on the 2L Test Bench (right click the file size -> save as to download the track).

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That was happening to me for a while on both Tidal and Qobuz. After a lot of trial and error I found that a weak WiFi signal to my device was causing the error message. Once I removed xfi pods from xfinity, I bought an eero network and I have not seen the error since.

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