Qobuz - Too many failures

Same problem here; Qobuz & Roon worked very well, but now I get the “to many failures” message.

Qobuz subscrition Studio is active (web player is working), MacBook Pro Retina 10.14.4 using system output.

Hi @David_Lerouge,

Thanks for your post here, I have split it from the previous thread so that I can better assist.

Can you provide some more information regarding your network setup? What is the model/manufacturer of your router and any switches/range extenders/powerline adapters/ect?

Does this issue occur only for higher-resolution Qobuz tracks or does it occur for all qobuz tracks?

Are you able to play full songs using the web player (play.qobuz.com) or are you limited to 30 second clips?

– Noris

Thank you Noris for your quick response.
Strangely, the problem only seems to occur when I’m using the wifi network at my work…
I guess it’s just not performant enough because I don’t have any problems using the wifi network at home.

Anyway, I still think it’s strange because it used to run smoothly at work.
I can’t provide you with the technical details from the network setup at work, and because Roon works well at home for me the case is closed :o)
The Qobuz subscription is valid, it can play full songs using the web player.

(it occurred for all the Qobuz tracks)

Hi @David_Lerouge,

Thanks for letting me know that this issue only occurs on your work network.

I suspect that the firewall you have there might be preventing Roon from sucessfully connecting to Qobuz, but since we have no visibility into the work network and I assume we can’t modify it just for Roon, I think this is where this case ends.

If you do experience issues in the future on your home network do feel free to reach out to us again and we can certainly take another look!


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