Qobuz track favorites handling in Roon

This is a feature request.

TL;DR: When a Qobuz track in Roon, that is in Roon because the track’s album was favorited, is favorited in Roon, the track should become a track favorite in Qobuz as well.

So the algorithm in Roon should be able to check the favorite status of the track in Qobuz.

If the track is already a favorite in Qobuz, which makes it’s containing album a part of the library in Roon regardless of whether the album itself is a Qobuz favorite, then Roon should check if the whole album is a favorite in Qobuz and all the album tracks are in Roon’s library. If not all the album tracks are in Roon’s library then Roon should make the Qobuz favorite track a Roon favorite (heart icon in Roon). Else why did the user add the track and not the rest of the album?

If the track is not favorited in Qobuz, then it’s containing album is necessarily a favorite and part of the Roon library. The track is not automatically favorited in Roon. If the user subsequently favorites the track in Roon, then the track should be made a favorite in Qobuz. The user should not have to manually favorite the track in Qobuz after explicitly favoriting the track in Roon. The level of automation and computing power available to us should eliminate that kind of manual housekeeping. This isn’t 1991, 2001 or even 2011.