Qobuz track isn't playing in Roon

I’m getting the :30 second problem in the Qobuz app

I can play it all the way in Roon via Tidal

When I try to play anything from Qobuz in Roon, I get the “Unable to start streaming… too many failures” error.

my signal path:


Hi @seth_Godin1,

Just to verify, you’re seeing that Assume Form by James Blake is only playing 30 seconds in the Qobuz app and not playing at all in Roon?

Generally, when you’re only getting 30 second clips in Qobuz, it’s because the album is not available for streaming and can only be played entirely when purchased. In these cases, they cannot be streamed in Roon.

super useful. I didn’t know about the 30 second rule

as for Qobuz on Roon, the error messages have happened for me every month or so and I’ve seen it in other threads here, so I’ll hope that it simply goes away


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Not a question, but I couldn’t append it to a closed thread:

I found it why I kept getting this error: My Qobuz subscription had lapsed.

It’s a funny way to tell someone to send money, but just a heads up that it might be causing the problem for others as well.

Thanks for the update, @seth_Godin1!

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