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When trying to play certain tracks from Qobuz, Roon crashes. The artist is Domique Fils-Aime. Think it might have something to do with library management of foreign characters or the resolution of the tracks. Plays fine on BluOS.

You will probably have to tell at least one track name and album for testing. I checked her 3 main albums and there is not a single track with foreign characters on my Qobuz, it’s all pure ASCII

Here’s two:

Birds - dominique fils-aimé
Lighthouse blues - Arme Domnéris

Played from Qobuz. Tracks state unavailable but plays fine thorough BluOS

Both crash the remote app.

Birds play just fine for me without crashing. macOS 13.2.1, iPad 16.3.1. My system language is English.
Arme Domnéris is not in my Qobuz or Tidal

I think it has something to do with the latest MacOS or iOS updates. I’m not getting album covers to transfer either. BluOS is working fine so this must have something to do with Roonserver or Roon Remote.

I have those though. Maybe the difference is that my Core is ROCK and not running on the Mac

Guessing you are using a NAD endpoint. Both are 88.2 files


Thanks for the info.

Odd that everything works in BluOS and crashes Roon. You did find the reason. Much appreciated.

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