Qobuz tracks hanging

Core Machine

Windows 10 laptop with internet core i5 with 16GB RAM

Network Details

NetGear Orbi wired into satellite

Audio Devices

All connect devices affected.

Description of Issue

Twice in 24 hours I have had that Qobuz started hanging in playing the next track.

Plays fine and suddenly won’t play the next track. If I skip to any other Qobuz track nothing happens.

Tidal plays fine.

If I restart the Roon server it starts playing fine again.

Please advise if there is currently a Qobuz issue or otherwise what I can try to make this stop happening.

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Hello @Almero_Steyn,

I am beyond apologetic for our lack of responsiveness. We’ve missed on your thread for so long…:pleading_face: I am so sorry!

I was wondering if this Qobuz behavior was temporary, or if you’re still experiencing it. We’d love another chance to help :nerd_face:

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Hey thanks for getting back to me anyways!

Luckily it was temporary. Been enjoying it since. Thank you!

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That’s fantastic to hear @Almero_Steyn. Thanks for keeping us posted :pray:

Enjoy the music :headphones: