Qobuz tracks marked Hi-Res play as 16/44.1

Quite a few Qobuz albums marked Hi-Res that I import play as 16/44.1 like the following:

My trial period ends 3/12/2019 and I would really like to see this cleared up before I start paying $25.00/month.

Works OK to me in the U.K. territory. 96/24 plays as it should. Assuming you are on the high res. tier it does need looking at.

Works OK for me also (96/24): in the Netherlands.

To, clarify, some Qobuz Hi-Res tracks do play correctly, but nine that I added yesterday (3/9/2019) do not.

Hi @Gerald_Richardson,

We are currently working with Qobuz to investigate and resolve an issue where some albums are incorrectly showing that they’re available to stream in hires. I can’t provide any specific timeframes, but we will be sure to keep you updated here when this has been resolved.

Thanks for your response.

Noticed the same thing. Pentatone and Naive labels advertise hires but play at 16/44.1. in some cases they play correctly in the Qobuz app (e.g some of the Naive label).

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