Qobuz tracks not available in Roon, but ok in Qobuz app

I am streaming from a Qobuz account, through Roon with an Intel Nuc running Roon rock, bridged by lan to a Bridge Sotm sms200 ultra neo.

Some times tracks cannot play through Roon, even if I can play them in the Qobuz app.

Example right now:
Artist: Tønes
Album: Thilda Bøes Legat

First track - Treskjæring - is unavailable in Roon, but is playable in the Qobuz app. This track has behaved like this for a while.

What could be wrong? Anything i can do - Solution?

Edit: I just found a solution. I deleted album from Roon Library, and opened the Roon Qobuz menu. Searched for the album there, and re-added to my Library. Solved - thx:)

Marking as solved.

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