Qobuz tracks not loading - third week in a row


For the third week in a row Qobuz tracks stop loading somewhere between 16h and 17h CET here in Belgium.

Local library still works.

Problem is getting annoying.

Hey @Frank_Daman,

Thanks so much for reporting this — and very sorry about the trouble that comes by with regularity. We appreciate the details.

I wonder, when Qobuz tracks stop loading in Roon, can you play music directly from Qobuz (outside of Roon)?

Hi @beka

Yes, I can stream from Qobuz over upnp without problems.

Hey @Frank_Daman,

Thanks so much for confirming :pray:

I wonder, what DNS do you have enabled on your router? Could you please make sure it is Cloudflare DNS, Quad9 or Google DNS?

Router for home network is built into the internet provider’s modem. Not user configurable.


And again, at 16:25h Roon stopped streaming Qobuz.

Fourth week in a row. Upnp streams fine.

I have the same problem with Qobuz in the area of Brussels Belgium, Roon and Qobuz not working on Sunday at 17h CET, my ISP is telenet.be

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