Qobuz tracks showing as unavailable in playlists

I’m having a similar issue. Many Qobuz tracks that I’ve added to playlists, but not added to my library, show up as unavailable. The album exists in Qobuz but I can’t play that particular track - other tracks on the same album play fine. However, these tracks play fine directly from the Qobuz app outside of Roon.
Qobuz albums that I’ve added to my library look fine.

Here’s a shot of an unavailable Qobuz track in a playlist:

Clicking on the album shows that it is available in Qobuz. All other tracks play fine except the one in my playlist:

Finally, here’s the track playing fine directly from Qobuz:

Officially adding the albums to my library that had unavailable tracks made them available. I still have other Qobuz tracks that are in playlists but not part of my library that have always been available. I’m not sure why only a dozen or so Qobuz tracks decided to go unavailable. All good now, but it’s a weird Roon DB issue.

Hi @pbphoto,

I’m glad you were able to get things resolved here. If you see any more cases of this please feel free to reach out and we can take a look!

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I’ve got the same issue. A great many albums/tracks I’ve added from Qobuz to playlists show as unavailable. Tried logging out and back in and restarting Roon all of which made no difference but, as above, adding them to my library does seem fix the issue. Is this how it’s supposed to work? Didn’t used to work like this.

Not sure if this is the same problem. I am currently streaming a bluenote album directly from Qobuz to my DAC (via Blutooth), but when I try to stream it through Roon not doesn’t show up on my search for that album. When I search for the album through Roon on Qobuz and it doesn’t show up. But the album is definitely available on Qobuz. What’s the deal? How much of the Qobuz library is off-limits to Roon?

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