Qobuz 'unavailable' albums are actually available?

I have found a number of albums I added to a playlist say a few weeks previously now show as ‘unavailable’ and when I follow the playlist link to the album it’s tracks are indeed marked as ‘unavailable’. But when I check under the versions tab there is another exactly the same that is available - not a different format or in any way different - so are Qobuz ID’s getting a bit screwed up somewhere maybe I wonder if @support might help with this one?

Hi @Tim_Woodward,

We’ve seen this in the past and typically this is caused by something like this:

  • A certain album with a ID “X” is available from TIDAL or Qobuz
  • A track from Album X is added to a playlist
  • Album X is removed from the service and some time later, a replacement version of the album is added with ID “Y”
  • Since Album X was removed from the service and is no longer streamable, the track in the playlist just shows as unavailable, even though Album Y is available

Roon does not have the ability to automatically replace tracks that become unavailable with tracks that are available. If you think there is something else going on here we’d be happy to take a look at any specific examples you have, but unfortunately if a track is made unavailable by a service (even if another becomes available) we are not able to have it streamable in the playlist.

That was exactly my thoughts @dylan - I think the streaming services do not take record ‘collecting’ all that seriously to date so when a track comes back there is no effort to replace it with the ID it had originally - which would solve the problem! I do have several tracks in playlists that say ‘unavailable’ but when I visit the album the track is indeed available, but I’m sure it’s all part of the same problem and not worth ferreting around in - one day maybe Roon will work out a way to stream everything from everywhere and include this with the price and we won’t need to choose streaming service at all! :slight_smile:

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