Qobuz 'Unavailable' message should mark track as such in queue history

When playing long and historical playlists (like my 700 track and growing ‘favourites’) I often get the Qobuz ‘Track Unavailable’ error message but I can never find out which track as the item is skipped in the queue and not marked as such. Usually the track is available, just not at that location (Qobuz have a nasty habit of updating albums with different ID’s if they say change distributors or whatever so they go missing) so if I knew which track had been skipped because it was not available I could go find it and add it back to the playlist. Yes I know the item is marked ‘unavailable’ in the playlist, but with large playlists ending those items is a pain (theres no filter for instance) and often I find that isn’t true and the track plays just fine).