Qobuz unwanted content updates

I’ve notice when opening Roon there seems to be new music content coming from Qobuz. Its cluttering my collection with music I don’t want. How can this be turned off?

Have you favourites items in Qobuz?

I do have favs in Qobuz

Roon “imports” all Qobuz favourites into your Library. There was a glitch as far as I know from the Qobuz side which is being sorted, hence albums favourited in Qobuz that were not previously imported to the Library are now being imported.

This is “a good thing” as far as I’m concerned the only downside being that they look like they were added today, the original favouriting date in Qobuz isn’t being kept. Whether it’s worth a few days coding to get this correct is debatable. I’d prefer to take this minor hit and have the Roon team work on mobile, portrait orientation on all iPads, a super charged history to give me the data Last FM gives me, etc.


I don’t know how to make a Qobuz album a favourite in Roon but when I do this in Audirvana, and later go to Roon, it is not added to my Roon library but shows under:
Qobuz -> My Qobuz -> Favourite albums
When I select the album, there is a button ‘Add to library’ if I wish to do so.
This is perfect for me because I don’t want Qobuz albums mixed with my personal library.
Not sure if that is the behaviour that everyone else is seeing?
If Roon would automatically add my favourites to my library, I will disconnect Qobuz from Roon and just use it through Audirvana.

Then I think you should disconnect Qobuz from Roon, because this behaviour is what the integration of Qobuz into Roon is designed to do. (and it’s what I want it to do as well)

The adding to your Roon library is rarely instantaneous and certainly it’s best to manually sync if checking soon after adding in Audirvana.

I would expect that anything added through Audirvana will eventually show up in your Roon Library.


Yep, I take back my previous comments. It was wishful thinking…
Only my old favourites are not added to my library. I just added a new one and it was synced to my personal library shortly after.
Too bad… I wish they would give us a choice