Qobuz updating in Roon

Not sure why Qobuz does not appear to sync up with Roon when a new album release comes about. The album in question is by the Pineapple Thief which was released on 13 May 2022 and available on Qobuz app. I have tried to sync Qobuz several times over past few days in the Roon settings as found out from others post, but to no avail. Thought it may take a day or so, but three days and still not syncing up, help!

That doesn’t sound right, I got that album to sync up with Roon by forcing the sync in settings: services on same morning of release.

Have you tried restarting the Roon Core machine?

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Just restated Roon rock as suggested and album has now sync’s up. However surely should not have to reboot every time I want to sync up Qobuz material onto Roon?

No absolutely not and normally a manual sync is all it takes.
However there have been a few sporadic Qobuz issues over the last few days.
And nearly all of them have been cured with a Core restart.
That was why I suggested to try it.
Glad it did at least resolve this for now.

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