Qobuz versus Tidal recommendations Roon radio


i have a question about the roon radio software.

i tried now qobuz and i tried tidal.

but it looks like that roon radio works better with qobuz.
the recommendations from roon radio are more on point for me with qobuz.

notice somebody else this to?

I have found that it depends upon your genre request. I have Tidal and Qobuz and I do see what you are describing.

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My experience with Roon radio is not great. Sometimes it gets it but more times it’s like…what did you just play!!! And it does not utilize the huge selection of Qobuz in my searches or radio plays.

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Ok thnx.

On tidal I have arround 300 albums. And 3000 songs I like. But I noticed everytime that I get some artist I don’t even like at all. The other side with qobuz I have a new account. Playing some pop music to compare. And directly 80% was on point. ( But I disable for a moment. My tidal account on roon. )

I don’t have a library on a server. I use only tidal or qobuz.

I notice this to but with tidal. Where I have a bigger library… :face_with_hand_over_mouth: But qobuz I start from 0.