Qobuz - very strange problem

Weird qobuz problem. I can play qobuz stuff in my library. I can do searches and qobuz comes up as does recommended albums. I was looking for a particular label (NMC Recordings) and something I was expecting wasn’t there. So I looked directly in Qobuz from the Qobuz webpage and there were significantly (pages and pages) of results from the Label not in my Roon-based searches. So I looked in the qobuz section of Roon to briefly see a connection error that went away - sometimes it comes up and stays. I could see favourite tracks within qobuz in roon but not favourite albums. So I relogged in to qobuz on roon. Rebooted the computer, and still same problem. Did the library clean up from within Roon and flushed the Qobuz app cache. Now I am obviously logged in to Qobuz through Roon as I can play albums from my library and partial Qobuz searches, and suggestions come up and play. So why are the searches limited in Roon, and I can see favourite tracks but not albums in Roon, but everything is visible in the Qobuz app ( I was trying to add results of the qobuz searches to favourites then open in roon). Any ideas?

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