Qobuz vs Tidal and how to curate your listening queue

Hi Roon people,
I have been streaming through Tidal for a couple of years, listening to mostly MQA tracks. Recently, since Qobuz came to Canada, I added the service. I suddenly realized how much emotion was missing from the music with MQA; it is like everything was smoothed out and spacious but missing a “je ne sais pas”".
So I selected the “treat MQA as worse than CD quality but better than lossy…”. And now I find that I prefer the Qobuz sound, especially the true hi-res tracks.
However, I have hundreds of playlists in Tidal, but more importantly, I love the Tidal Mixes and discovery algorithm. Qobuz does not seem to have an equivalent.
I am curious about how other people curate their Roon steams. For instance, do you use the Tidal mixes and only choose Qobuz when searching for a track.
Do people select Qobuz or Tidal as their preferred service? If I do not select a preferred service, Roon seems to choose Tidal over Qobuz every time. Is this because I have historically used Tidal?
If you use Tunemymusic.com to bring over all your playliists to Qobuz, does Qobuz start to suggest appropriate music?
Sorry if these questions sound amateurish😅 and thanks for any responses.