Qobuz - where is The Stooges 50th anniversary release?

Not sure why The Stooges remastered 50th anniversary release is featured on the Qobuz front page, but not showing up in Roon. Even after favoriting it on the Qobuz site it won’t show up in My Qobuz (that usually works even before Roon populates the new releases). Strange.

Is it download only?

I wouldn’t think so if one can play it online. How would one determine that I wonder?

If it’s download only, you can only play 30 second previews in the app. Doesn’t seem to be the case for this album.

Very strange. Easily one of my all time favorite rock albums and dying to hear what the new remaster and newly released outtakes sound like. I guess I might just have to bite the bullet and purchase it despite already having a rip of the Deluxe version from a few years back. I hope somebody from the Roon team can look into this. Everything else works normally between Roon and Qobuz for me and all of this weeks new releases came through as usual except for this one.

Hi @Charles_Peterson,

This is a relatively recent release, and as noted in our Qobuz documentation, sometimes there is a delay in new albums appearing in Roon. This is definitely a bit longer of a delay than usual so we are looking into what’s going on here, but I would expect this to be available in Roon soon.