Qobuz will not connect

I’m using the sonic transporter I7 as core, and Trinnov altitude 16 as control.
I’m connected with Starlink for internet and WiFi, hardwired to the Trinnov.
I have used Tidal for several years without any issue, but am switching to Qobuz.
Although everything seems to be set up correctly in the core, and Qobuz works on my other devices, I get a message:
Unable to start streaming. Check Qobuz account and try again.
What would cause this, and how can I fix it?

Don’t know about your other devices, but under Roon Qobuz requires that one use their Qobuz e-mail rather than a userid to log in.

Also, I seem to recall that one can’t use a trial Qobuz account in Roon. (I may be mis-remembering that.)