Qobuz will not play in Roon

Roon Core 1.6 (build 416) on Mac Mini running OSX 10.11.6 (El Capitan)… 2.5GHz Core i5, 16GB, 128GB for Roon, 1TB SSD for music files. Roon control app on iPad Air 2, iOS 12.4.1.

Linksys VELOP mesh WiFi

Mac Mini via Ethernet cable to PS Audio Directstream DAC Bridge to stream on my stereo.

About two weeks ago my Qobuz albums stopped playing in Roon (from my iPad) as described above). When I hit Play Now, “Playing xx Tracks” pops up, but no music… the pulsating music icon next to the track name is flat lined.

I contacted Qobuz support to ensure all was well with my subscription, and they confirmed all is good. They suggested I contact Roon support, stating: “This is sounding like it might have something to do with Roon is pulling from our API, which is why I suggested running it by them. You are all set on our end with no apparent issues with your account on our service.”

Appreciate your help!

Hi @mikem,

Are you experiencing this issue with all Qobuz content? Is local content playing okay?

If you play to a different endpoint besides the PS Audio, like System Output of the Core machine, do you experience the same issue?

Hi Dylan-

I’m having this issue with all of the Qobuz albums I added to my Roon library, accessed from my iPad.

I’m not sure how to a different endpoint besides the PS Audio, like System Output of the Core machine…

I am able to stream Qobuz from the Qobuz app on my iPad, and on my office PC.

I think I had similar issue like yours, so I just quit the Roon Server and started it again, and afterward everything went fine.

Hi QuinnT, appreciate the suggestion…

I tried quitting Roon Server on my Mac Mini, and the Roon app on my iPad, then re-started both, then re-logged in to Roon on my iPad (Roon Server restarts at start-up), and no luck…

That’s odd. Can you run Roon.app directly on your Mac Mini, and see what happens?

Hi @mikem,

You can choose a different Zone by going to Settings > Audio and enabling System Output. From there you can use the Zone Picker to choose System Output. Can you try playing to System Output and let us know if the same occurs?

You can read more about this here in our KB.

Will do this weekend… one question, when I choose System Output, am I just checking to se if it will play through the Mac Mini itself?

Hi @mikem,

That is correct. Knowing if this works or fails in the same way will help us determine where the issue is stemming from. If you don’t have problems when playing to System Output, we know that the issue lies in the communication between Roon and the PS Audio.

Hi I have a similar problem :
I use Qobuz with Roon since the beginning of with an HD subscription
And that without worry
For 2 weeks impossible to start any song: I’ve been blocking for several minutes with the roon scroolbar scrolling from left to right
My system is as follows:
Roon server on MAC
Roon client on the same Mac
Roon bridge SOTM 200
Dac Aqua audio formula HD
Thank you
Operating system: iOS
Internet browser: Safari
Media Player: Qobuz for MAC & PC
Connection: Qobuz for MAC & PC

I just reboot my Gb router and it works again !

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Hi Alain, that was it!! A simple reboot of my wired router… sorry to have wasted your time Dylan. Alain, thank you for chiming in, very much appreciated.

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I’m also happy for you !

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  • @dylan (In case you didn’t see this part of the thread… appreciate your support)

Thanks again Alain!

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