Qobuz Won't Play, Album artwork is intermittent

Roon Core Machine

5TB passport external HD directly attached.
Tablet Uses local Google Wifi to access Roon.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Broadband Modem → EtherRegen → Nucleus.

Connected Audio Devices

Wyred4Sound USB DAC-2v2 SE (DAC) → Wyred4Sound STP-SEII Pre-AMP → PSAudio Stellar M1200 Mono Blocs → Magnepan 3.6R Speakers.

Number of Tracks in Library

18,546 tracks.

Description of Issue

I have attached screenshots of the Roon storage and backup locations.

A week ago my Qobuz stopped playing in Roon. No blue light by the track I’m trying to play. I can see the Qobuz tracks in Roon, but they don’t play.

Qobuz plays with no problem standalone.

Many of my album covers don’t show from Qobuz and my own library.

I had this same problem in March, because I had this problem before I uninstalled and recreated everything from scratch and everything seemed to work for awhile now the same problem has returned. The problems seem to always occur with an update from Roon.

@John_Lee2, Please go to the admin web page of your Nucleus and click the button to restart RoonServer. When it’s back online click the same button again for another restart. Then check and see if things are working better for you.

I’ve modified a setting for your core and the above is the process to update the setting and apply it.

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The fix seems to work so far. I’m playing music from Qobuz through Roon. Looking at the log file I still see some errors loading artwork, but not to level I saw before. So far, the few songs I have played has displayed the correct artwork.

The longer the fix is applied looks like image lookup is consistently working (see attached)

I have a Roon Nucleus, not a Rock.

Hopefully, this fix will work for the next update, as well.


I’m on my third day with the fix still working.

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