Qobuz won't play songs, "too many failures "

I have been using Tidal for 4 years I added Qobuz yesterday and while I am able to see everything including my Playlist, it errors every time I try to play a track, Qobuz works perfectly on my phone it is only through Roon that I can’t play music.

I have a Nucleus core and Meturm Amber as renderer. I am getting this message…

"unable to start streaming, check your Qobuz account too many failures

I would try logging out of all instances of Qobuz on all your devices, removing Qobuz from Roon and then adding it back in again.

Thank you Graeme,

Update,I powered down and un plugged my power supply from my Nuc for 30 seconds and that resolved the problem. I had previously power cycled it but somehow this time a different result.

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