Qobuz's parent company acquires Japanese DSP E-Onkyo Music

via Music Ally:

Qobuz is one of the streaming services focusing on high-resolution music: a niche that is suddenly crowded with 900lb gorillas as the likes of Amazon Music, Apple Music and (soon) Spotify pile in. However, Qobuz has made an interesting move this week: its parent company Xandrie SA has acquired Japanese hi-res music downloads service E-Onkyo Music. The deal is partly about Onkyo exiting the digital music space – its core business remains hardware – and partly about Qobuz’s ambitions to expand in Asia. “This union will allow Qobuz to offer a high value-added and eclectic music offer as well as the most complete high-resolution download offer on the market,” said deputy CEO Georges Fornay. “In the long term, Qobuz also aims to rapidly launch a streaming offer in Japan.”


I have the Pioneer XDP-100R, bought when it first came out, and the Onkyo-Pioneer connection was apparent, as the Hi-Res Onkyo store was pre-loaded, and you could buy, or stream. I used it often, and at the time (Dec 2015, great X-mas present) many, many hi-res song/albums were not available any where else.

Using Qobuz Studio (used to be Studio Premiere or something) now, and it makes sense to buy the catalog and add it to their offerings, especially for the download purchase aspect.

Glad they were able to get there and make the deal, rather than some of the other services.

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