Quality bit depth quantizer

Request for a quality bit depth quantizer for converting 24 bit to 16 bit. I own a Metrum Acoustics Musette NOS DAC that can accept up to 24 bit/384kHz, but in actuality has 16 bit DAC chips. The current bit depth truncation in Roon is not quite there quality wise, leaves the sound a little brittle and ‘digital’, I much prefer 16 bit native files to, either, 24 bit raw or Roon’s 24 to 16 bit truncation.

Not sure how to improve the 16-bit quantifier.

My experience is limited. My USB headset is 16-bit only so at least I have tested it.
When I ran the same headset on a mac no 16-bit quantifying was done.

On PC it was a way to tell if the track was a TIDAL master track as the light turned green instead of purple due to 16-bit truncation.

How are you getting Roon to downsample given it understands your DAC is happy to take 24/384?

ASIO. Auto sample rate change to files native format, so no up or downsampling.
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