Quality check with Devialet USB



I am using Roon for my main system and my family room. In my family room Roon is reading my music from Synology server, and then using the Windows platform - it is delivering the data to my devialet 120.

I just wish to check that signal quality of the file has been maintained or delivered in the most optimal manner by the Devialet device to my Dynaudio speakers. I have attached a picture of a typical lossless delivery of a 192k piece of music. I do not see any purple dots next to the signal - just white dots - is this optimal quality? I am presuming Lossless is better than high quality - it appears to sound better.



I attached another pic with the alternative audio setting via ASIO - is the lossless setting preferred to the high quality setting? I have noticed that under ASIO usb setting the exclusive option is not available for my devialet player?

Also - as I am new to the forum (lifetime member) I am not sure whether this post going to support or forum? Thanks for your help.


Hi @Rash,

I made a new thread here for your queries.

Lossless is better than High Quality. The WASAPI setting seems preferable. In the second setting you have volume levelling turned on, but the source seems High Quality rather than Lossless also.

I have also added screenshots of the Devialet program which sits in the background for the both the USB and AIR. The Devialet is connected by a Ethernet cable to my router and the USB is connected directly from my PC (named “Family”) to the Devialet. The SQ via USB WASPI is better than Ethernet - AIR. I don’t think Devialet has a driver for ASIO as the exclusive mode is not available under this option.

Ok many thanks for the prompt reply - I thought as much as it sounds better. Btw it is a fantastic piece of software - keep up the great work!

Btw when I elect to turn off volume leveling - I get the Lossless prompt - however under the ASIO settings I am not able to elect the exclusive mode - I am presuming WASPI must still be better as it matches with the Devialet driver for bit perfect?