Quality of music on Tidal across the world

Are they trying to make the argument for 120 versus 220-240 in regards to speaker systems and replication of the frequencies? Otherwise, i don’t see any factor difference which would make a difference outside of network latency due to less/poorer hardware infrastructure causing streams to buffer longer/or be interrupted while playing which happens whenever network issues arise anywhere in the world.

Being said, the whole Tidal MQA thing is another story entirely, and quite concerning since they don’t allow to stream standard 44k flac if they made an MQA version of it… some of those conversions arent true MQA just upsampled 44/48… and there even research showing MQA isn’t lossless when using non-MQA unfolding hardware, adding audible distortion and lots of ultrasonic noise - noise which MQA devices may know how to unfold, but standard conversion to PCM of the MQA as it streams, if you aren’t using an MQA native device it seems to be coloring the audio immensely. They need to give streamers the option to choose either MQA or the original flac bitrate, in my opinion