Quality of optical out on CD player vs USB out on PC

I want to connect a CDP (Marantz CD-67se) to KEF LS50 wireless and the aux will be taken up by a phono stage.
There is optical input and I’m wondering will this sound okay, that is what were optical outputs like 15 years ago?
Is it the improvement in DACs in the intervening years that reduces the jitter etc?

The two options are play CD on PC and play to KEFs through the PC USB output or else as above Marantz CD67se via optical.
Space is tight if the optical is no advantage I’d prefer not to go to the hassle of re-arranging to accommodate it.

This is for my son and he still buys CDs but only rips to iTunes and still likes to listen to physical media so who am I to stop him?


For sure you’re going to experience a totally different sound signature, since you’re bypassing Marantz dac.
I’m pretty sure you’re going to experience a better improvement in audio quality connecting your Marantz to the KEF than the direct PC listening.

Personally I don’t think that this sort of multi-format player present in modern laptops is better than a dedicated CD player, even if old.

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